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for 2021

Decembers' Newsletter, see link below, focusses on

The Muse Polyhymnia, who influenced the arts, dance, religion and politics. She sent me on a 12 day task to explore the real Portugal. I experienced a vast period of history, in a short space of time, which you can too! 

What I discovered:
  • the Portuguese legacy, covering: the Almendres Cromlech, and caves (with its rock painting) and the Côa engravings;
  • the villages and the Castreja culture and their struggles against roman invasions;
  • Roman influence, temples and gods;
  • the Arabic presence
  • the affirming of Christianity in the independence of Portugal
  • the consecration of Fatima as the altar of the world.

This adventure showed me the continuous interdependence between temporal and religious power and how together they were weaving and structuring a cultural, religious and political identity. A lifestyle both rich and autonomous.

For more details on this awe inspiring adventure,

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The Muses' Messenger

News, from Taras, inspired by the Muses

Hello, I am Taras the son of Poseidon (the God of the seas) and an unnamed sea- nymph (they met across the Ionian Sea in Hesperia). Sadly, I am a lesser known cousin to the Nine Muses but the founder of the Greek colony, which of course I named after myself, Taras! I love to travel and what better way than on a back of a dolphin!

Each of the Nine Muses, in their ArchaeoMuses form, have been setting challenging, yet not impossible, tasks for me, leading to my numerous adventures, discoveries and explorations. I share these unique experiences to ignite and inspire you. Look out for Taras' Tips throughout the website and below!

Myself and the team look forward to personalising your next, unforgettable and truly unique adventure designed around one or more of The Muses. 

Happy Travels, Taras!


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