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ArchaeoMuse is founded on decades of experience, knowledge, and passion.  Each bespoke trip is expertly crafted, with meticulous care, not only for classical civilisation lovers and history buffs (beginners or experts and everyone in between!), also for anyone interested in learning a little about the culture of their favourite hotspot!  We can arrange cultural travel and educational trips for private groups, school groups, and individuals of all ages. 
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Throughout his 20 year international teaching career, Antonio has led and inspired countless groups of students and enthusiasts alike in discovering ancient lands and cultures.

Antonio has been besotted with all things classical and archaeological since meeting his professor and mentor, Dr Alexander Gordon McKay, in the early-90s as a student at McMaster and York Universities in Canada. He combines lecturing and teaching with his ongoing historic and archaeological studies, focusing on the pre-Roman history of Southern Italy, the land of his ancestors.


Since relocating permanently to the UK, Antonio has been able to continue his journey through the ages, settling in arguably one of the richest areas of British cultural heritage, the ancient Kingdom of Wessex.

Antonio Leonardis


Lucy brings over 20 years of experience in running successful businesses to ArchaeoMuse, setting the highest standards for the way we run our business.

Lucy’s vision for an ethical and principled cultural travel and educational company inspired co-director Antonio to join her in starting ArchaeoMuse.

Lucy has inspired numerous travellers and students alike to learn about the languages, literature, philosophy, history, archaeology, art, and architecture of Europe’s rich panorama of civilisations and cultures.


An animal lover, environmentalist, advocate of whole and organic foods, music and art enthusiast, and keen traveller herself, she works to make every experience for our customers unforgettable and well-organised.

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Lucy Leonardis


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Angelika (Kiki) Miltiadis

Head of Communication

With her many years living, working, and travelling in dozens of countries across five different continents, Kiki is a true world explorer. She has been working in the tour industry for over 10 years enthusiastically combining her passion for sustainable tourism, authentic adventures, and experiences, and exploring ancient lands, myths, and cultures.

Fleet-footed and mercurial like the herald messenger, Hermes, it is no wonder she is our Head of Communication working hand in hand with Taras.  She draws inspiration from the Muses, especially Urania, Melpomene, and Thalia. 

Perhaps her love and passion for travel come from the two very different, unique cultures she grew up around which included Wales; the mythical land of dragons, druids, singers, and poets, and Greece; the mythical land of the Gods and Goddesses and the birth of the great Stone and Bronze civilisations. Kiki continues to be inspired by Ancient Greece and the peoples’ influence on philosophy, democracy, mathematics, astronomy, and medicine as well as Homer’s Odyssey. 


Taras, son of Poseidon and founder of the Greek colony of Taras.

The life of Italian-born Taras, who was said to travel on the backs of dolphins, given tasks by The Muses, exploring and discovering, will help to inspire you to build your own heroic journey, just as ArchaeoMuse co-founder, Antonio, has done over the past two decades.

               Look out for this symbol for all things Taras:
               Taras' Tips, Newsletters and Features!

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ArchaeoMuse, Dorothy House and Penny Brohn Partnerships

ArchaeoMuse, in honour and memoriam of co-founder Lucy Leonardis, has entered into a partnership with Penny Brohn UK and Dorothy House, providing support and care for people with life-limiting illness to promote an awareness of how prevalent cancer is and the effects it has on society, including women, men, children, and families around the UK.    

ArchaeoMuse will promote the mission of Penny Brohn and Dorothy House through its cultural and educational programmes.  A percentage of every trip will go towards sustaining this important charity. 

The original Nine Muses, of Greek mythology fame (daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne), were believed to have been created to inspire and uplift in times of hardship. As a collective, they represented all areas of history, art & culture and science, popular at the time.
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Our modernised interpretations of each Muse have been slightly updated to embody areas of modern culture. They are on hand to provide ideas for crafting an inspirational trip based on themes of specific interest to you. Follow one or more of our Muses to see where your next adventure may take you.

The Muses can tailor-make your travel experiences for you and your desires. We provide experiences for individuals, groups, families, friends, academics, and history buffs (beginners or experts).

We proudly collaborate with historians, archaeologists, locals, experts, and academics to ensure that your needs are met.




Did you know each and every one of our trips is unique? Read on to see how we work with our clients to put them together.


Get in touch so we can find out what it is you're looking for.




We'll put together a bespoke plan just for you, based on your budget and requirements.


We'll walk you through your itinerary, answering any questions you may have.


We'll go to the locations on your itinerary ahead of time to scout out the best locations, historical sites and hotels. 


We'll see you there!

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