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Inspired by The Muses

Thomas Hardy
Thomas Hardy
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ArchaeoMuse is proud to be an official Tour Operator for the Great West Way®!
We have recently launched our anticipated and dedicated Great West Way page and will continue to add experiences.

"Travel safely with the added security of the healing god Apollo and his son Asclepius watching over you!"

Click here for our COVID-19 policy.

ArchaeoMuse's Partnerships

ArchaeoMuse will promote the mission of Dorothy House and Penny Brohn UK through its cultural and educational programmes, and donate a percentage of every trip will go towards sustaining these important charities. 

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ArchaeoMuse, in honour of co-founder Lucy Leonardis, has entered into a partnership with Dorothy House, providing hospice care for people with life-limiting illness to promote an awareness of how prevalent cancer is and the effects it has on society, including women, men, children, and families around the UK.    

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ArchaeoMuse has also entered into a partnership with Penny Brohn UK focussing on holistic approaches for those suffering from Cancer. "Cancer impacts your whole life. We're here to help you find ways to care for your mind, body, emotions, spirit, heart and soul."

Featured Trips
for 2022



Walking in stunning Spain with wine, culture, and history

Explore the magical and ancient Camino de Santiago, a UNESCO pilgrimage route.



Mythology, Culture, and Nature

Discover Athens, Delphi (“Navel of the world”), and Argolid. Follow the tracks of many famous historical and mythological figures.

What would you ask the Oracle of Delphi?



Gastronomy, wine, and 22,000 years of history!

Delve into an authentic immersion in the extravagant world of history, wine, and gastronomy.



Unwind in nature and Roman baths, surround yourself with thousands of years of history!

It is time for an inspiring journey to relax and reconnect with yourself, with some inspirational history thrown in too!

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News, from Taras, inspired by the Muses

The Muses' Messenger


Hello, I am Taras the son of Poseidon (the God of the seas) and an unnamed sea-nymph (they met across the Ionian Sea in Hesperia). Sadly, I am a lesser-known cousin to the Nine Muses but the founder of the Greek colony, which of course I named after myself, Taras! I love to travel and what better way than on a back of a dolphin!

Each of the Nine Muses, in their ArchaeoMuses form, have been setting challenging, yet not impossible, tasks for me, leading to my numerous adventures, discoveries, and explorations. I share these unique experiences to ignite and inspire you. Look out for Taras' Tips throughout the website and below!

I and the team look forward to personalising your next, unforgettable, and truly unique adventure designed around one or more of The Muses. 

Need some inspiration? Have a look at Our Destinations or Be Inspired By The Muses.

Happy Travels, Taras!


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ArchaeoMuse Blog

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We can't wait to get cracking on creating your perfect trip! 

We can tailor-make your travel experiences for you, your desires, and your curriculum.

We provide experiences for individuals, groups, families, friends, academics, and history buffs (beginners or experts).

We proudly collaborate with historians, archaeologists, locals, experts, and academics to ensure that your needs are met.
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