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ArchaeoMuse specialises in theme-based travel and educational experiences exploring the origins of civilisation and the connections our ancestors have with the present.   
The Great West Way provides an exciting range of options to explore these connections between the past and present. 

ArchaeoMuse is based in the region with local archaeologists and experts with a background in culture and literature and art.

Below you will see thought-provoking itineraries inspired by our Muses.
We can do all the work for you in advance to prepare for your visit and personally guide you through the region to make the most of your time.
Let our Muses show you the way! 
Why The Great West Way?
If you are curious and want to discover the quintessential essence of England, The Great West Way is perfect!
An ancient route that meanders through charming idyllic towns and quaint villages, explore the secluded countryside and relax on the soothing waterways
Immerse yourself in stories of the past with so much extraordinary history that has influenced and shapes the development of the modern nation the United Kingdom.
Explore World Heritage Sites whilst replenishing in traditional pubs, frequented for hundreds of years, serving local hand-pumped craft ales and fresh local farm food.
Discover ancient archaeological sites, such as Stonehenge, learn about ancient Britons, the Roman invasion,  and more!
History of The Great West Road
 In 1635, King Charles I (proposed by Thomas Witherings) ordered for “Six Great Roads” to be built with the purpose to shorten the time it took for the King’s messages to reach the ports from London.

The Great West Way follows a 125-mile route
 based on one of the first Great Roads commissioned by the Kings of England linking London to Bristol.


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England, UK


The 9 Muses of ancient Greek mythology, daughters of the Titaness Memnosyne or Memory, and Zeus, supreme leader of the Olympians, are bound to inspire with a heritage like this! 


In fact, the very word ‘muse’ in English. and many other modern languages. comes from ancient Greek meaning 'inspiration' and is the basis of many words in English like museum, music, amuse, and many other words. 


Our theme-based experiences along the Great West Way centre around the wonderful Muses.


Click on a Muse, and Taras, to reveal who they are and what they represent.

Let the Muses Inspire you!

Scroll through the Muses' favourite experiences along the Great West Way.

You will find compelling itineraries based on what they uncovered.
With the Muses and Taras, you will truly grasp, and uncover, fascinating stories, anecdotes, and archaeological sites along the Great West Way. 

Clio - Muse of History

Quote from the Muse and Highlights

Melpomene - Muse of Drama and Theatre

coming soon!

Polyhymnia - Muse of Religion and Politics

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Thalia - Muse of Comic Drama.


Quote from the Muse and Highlights

Calliope - Muse of Literature and Architecture

Quote from the Muse and Highlights

Euterpe - Muse of

Arts and Dance

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Euterpe - Muse of Music

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Urania - Muse of Philosophy and Science

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Erato - Muse of Love and Romanticism

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