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Greece, the motherland of all things classical!  Home of the ancient Gods and Goddesses, land of myth and legend, the birthplace of Western civilisation as we know it, and the ancient origin of democracy and philosophy, literature, and science. Many aspects of our modern culture can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks, including dramatic arts and sport, developed later by the Romans and spread far and wide throughout the empire.  The capital, Athens, is also the home of the ultimate symbol of Classics, the Parthenon.
We must not forget about the revelations the ancient Greeks had with Astronomy, the "law of the stars", "αστρονομία" in Greek. Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences and many of the developments in early astronomy have their origin in the ancient Greek world. These include the first estimates on the size of the Earth, that the earth was in fact round, the distances to the Moon and the Sun, and the explanation of the eclipses.

Aside from its rich history, Greece is also famous for its diverse landscape, from rugged mountains to stunning sandy beaches, lush islands, and beautiful national parks, with a welcoming culture, deliciously fresh and local food, wine, and generosity of spirit. Greece, with its fortunate climate, can be enjoyed all year round!


“Visit Sparta, Pylos and other remote sites in the southern regions of the Peloponnese, explore Attica, the region around Athens that overlooks the island of Salamis (and site of the famous battle during the Persian wars), or head to Macedonia in the North, land of Alexander the Great.”

A particular gem in Greece is the southern Peloponnese, centered around formidable Sparta. Guidebooks will tell you there's not much to see here, but we know better!


Let us guide you on an epic journey back in time, from the origins of Sparta to its decisive role in Persian wars, its epic defeat over Athens during the Peloponnesian wars, and the inspiration it provided for not only the Romans but warriors throughout the ages.

Parthenon Athens Greece

The Parthenon


Feature Trip 2024

Delphi Greece Archaeological

Mythology, Culture, and Nature

Discover Athens, Delphi (“Navel of the world”), and Argolid. Follow the tracks of many famous historical and mythological figures.

What would you ask the Oracle of Delphi?

Included: an experienced friendly guide, educational materials, a traditional ceramics workshop, accommodation, breakfast, 3 evening meals, and transfers.

6-nights From:


Including 3 dinners, educational materials, guides, coordination of all transport, transfers,

and accommodation


CALLIOPE (Literature) AND CLIO (History)

Acropolis and Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece with Clio (History)

Travel back to Ancient Greece and join ArchaeoMuse on a 7-night adventure through history. Delve into Ancient Greece by learning about mythology, Gods and Goddesses, theatre, philosophy, science, and more on this epic journey that brings ancient Greece back to life. Explore the influences the ‘the birthplace of Western Civilisation’ still has today!

Ancient Greece's economic, political, and artistic developments provided preparation for the monumental changes experienced in the Greek city-states. Experience what life was like in the two most powerful city-states Athens and Sparta!




Ancient Olympia – The Spirit of the Olympic Games

Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the first Olympic Games. This ancient site also includes the Sanctuary of Zeus and the temple of Hera. There are ancient sports facilities that were used to perform the Olympic Games, also, you can find auxiliary buildings, all are housed on the hill of the sacred alley. There was also a temple dedicated to Rea, the mother of the gods. Explore the Nymphet, an aqueduct that Herod Atticus offered to the Holy Temple and the beautiful circular building that was dedicated by Philip II the king of Macedonia.

Admire the altars, statues of gods, heroes, and the Olympians. Vist the gymnasium and the pallet, the training rooms, the Greek baths, the Roman baths, and the Theokoleon (the home of the priests). Visit the legendary Stage in which the Olympic Games commenced in honour of Zeus.

Greece Feature






Clio, Polyhymnia, and Calliope will lead you on this journey following the tracks of many famous historical and mythological figures over time. Starting in Athens, which began as a small Mycenaen community, and grew to become a city that epitomised the best of Greek virtues and enjoyed such prestige. 



Athens is the birthplace of democracy and home to the iconic sites of the Acropolis, Parthenon, and the Agora (where philosophers shared their opinions with fellow Athenians).  

Explore Athens' preeminent museum which houses the world’s largest and finest collection of Greek antiquities.


History, Clio

Areas outside of Athens - Marathon, Eleusis, Salamis

The first stop of the day is Marathon to retrace some steps of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon to Athens. Then head to the sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone in Eleusis, an ancient Greek city famous for the Eleusinian Mysteries. After visit Salamis to explore the land of one of the most famous naval battles in history.  

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Discover Delphi

Have you thought of a question you would like to ask the oracle of Apollo in Delphi? Many have, like Oedipus who consulted the oracle for valuable information. Visit the site of the Pythian Games, a rival to the Olympian game.

There are several important temples, including Apollo’s of course, treasuries of all the important city-states in the Greek world, a stadium, a theatre, and much more. 


Delphi and surrounding areas

Explore a Mycenaen citadel at  Glas, Orchomenos, with the tomb of Minyas. Go back in time to a hidden gem of a little city Livadia. This historic community took part in various Greek revolutions, in particular, the Macedonian Struggle. Nearby there is a beautiful spring of Erkina and the Trofonios oracle, as well as Mount Helicon and Parnassus. 


Argolid - in the Argolis Pennisular
(Ancient Argolis or 'the Argolid')

Admire Nafplio (Nauplion, located in the Argolis region, which used to be the capital of Greece before it was moved to Athens. Experience its amazing charm and history echoed through its Ottoman fountains, neoclassical architecture, magical mosques, and towering Venetian castle – the Palamidi.

Explore Argolida, one of the loveliest towns in Greece with its neoclassic houses, picturesque streets, wooden balconies, Turkish fountains, and Constitution (Syntagma) Square.  The Argolid is an archaeological treasure house;  Mycenae (Mykínes) was the home of Agamemnon, Tiryns the birthplace of Heracles, Epidaurus (Epídavros) the home of an ancient healing cult.

Greece Feature

We can tailor-make your travel experiences for you and your desires. We provide experiences for individuals, groups, families, friends, academics, and history buffs (beginners or experts).

We proudly collaborate with historians, archaeologists, locals, experts, and academics to ensure that your needs are met.


​Please contact us for more details and to start designing your personalised unforgettable adventure!

Discover the beauty of Greece

 “Antonio is a fountain of knowledge—he puts together great trips to exceptional places.”

— Ann, Teacher —


We can't wait to get cracking on creating your perfect trip! 

We can tailor-make your travel experiences for you and your desires. We provide experiences for individuals, groups, families, friends, academics, and history buffs (beginners or experts).

We proudly collaborate with historians, archaeologists, locals, experts, and academics to ensure that your needs are met.
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